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Toothbrush holder


Bathroom accessories are fundamental to attributing  personality and design to the bathroom décor. Surely a complete set of accessories should contain a matching toothbrush tumbler. Together with the countertop soap dish and liquid soap dispenser, the toothbrush tumbler glass is part of the accessory set useful for completing the bathroom cabinet wall in the best possible way. It is possible to choose between models with countertop installation, (suitable for large surfaces) and models with wall-hung installation, useful for reducing the space occupied on the sink top. The toothbrush holder glass, like the liquid soap dispenser, can be purchased in various types: chromed or satin metal, white ceramic and glass. The toothbrush holder is a design product that must be chosen with care: the wall-mounted toothbrush holder represents a fixed solution which, unlike the free-standing toothbrush holder, is installed on the wall. If you do not have the possibility to have the bathroom accessories wall-mounted using the screws and the plugs, you can evaluate the models that can be purchased in the adhesive version.


The toothbrush tumbler holder is one of the accessories that allow you to add a personal touch to your bathroom. To be combined with the finishes and materials of the other elements such as taps, or in contrast with the other bathroom accessories. The design of this complement makes many combinations possible. Among the classic solutions, you can find the toothbrush holder in satin glass or white ceramic, while among the modern models on Gaia Interni you can find metallic products with round or square lines that fit into contemporary contexts. Also do not miss our proposals for the complete set of accessories containing shower shelves, soap dispensers and tumblers for an original and design decor.