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Hygienic showers

Hygienic showers

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential requirements for your own bathroom. The hygienic shower or hydrocopy represents the technological evolution of the traditional toilet brush, making the daily toilet cleaning more effective and simple.

From an aesthetic point of view, the hydrocopier is adaptable to all types of bathroom: it has a simple and minimal design, takes up little space and fits discreetly and elegantly in any bathroom, new or already existing.
Thanks to its main functions such as greater hygiene and smaller footprint, the sanitary showers have been placed mainly in public and contract environments. In the last period, hydrocopiers are also gaining a foothold in the design of bathrooms in private homes, giving a feeling of elegance and refinement. 

The shower is a toilet brush that exerts its function thanks to water. The hydrocopier consists of a shower, a hose and a water inlet with stop valve to prevent water from escaping. The shower is equipped with a shut-off lever to operate during use, when it is not used you can store it in its support.
The shower can be found in different materials and in different color finishes, so as to perfectly fit the style of the bathroom environment. 

On Gaia Interni you can find a wide range of modern design hydrocopiers matching the style and color finish of the taps.