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Chaise longue Sauna Vita -35%

Chaise longue Sauna Vita

€ 2255,73 € 1466,22 (VAT included)

Chaise longue. Materials: beech wood, stainless steel structure. Anti-scratches feet.  

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Sauna Vita - Headrest -35%

Sauna Vita - Headrest

€ 115,95 € 75,37 (VAT included)

Headrest, Fir finish. Size: 34x50 H.15 cm  

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If you still don't know the benefits of the sauna and turkish bath, now is the time to evaluate these indispensable products for wellbeing and relaxation. The high temperature of the sauna and the humidity of the Turkish bath have a regenerating power for our body and mind. Discover the saunas that best suit your needs.


The Finnish sauna and the infrared sauna are the ideal places to dissipate tensions and fight physical and mental stress. The saunas proposed on Gaia Interni are made of natural fir or Hemlock and are able to combine reliability and safety by offering a comfortable and welcoming environment. In addition to the traditional heating system with stone stove, we also offer biosaunas: the right compromise between SAUNA AND TURKISH BATH consisting of both the lava stone stove of the classic Finnish sauna and the steam jet typical of the hammam. The benefits of the sauna are many: sweating promotes cellular regeneration of the epidermis, making the skin soft, the temperature of the sauna can also relax the muscles of the body, causing a pleasant feeling of well-being.


Currently it is possible to take advantage of the benefits of the sauna even in your own home, with relatively affordable costs. How to choose the sauna that best suits your needs? On Gaia Interni you will find various models of wooden saunas. The traditional model is the Finnish sauna: a wooden cabin equipped with a jet of hot and dry air with temperatures between 75 ° -100 ° C. To heat the sauna, electric heaters are used in which dark stones are inserted, heavy and large in size capable of storing as much thermal energy as possible. Saunas usually have large wooden benches to lie down or sit on and a bucket of water to be poured onto the hot stones with a ladle, to produce steam. Upon exiting the sauna, we recommend a shower with water at room temperature to bring the body temperature back to normal levels. In addition, you can choose a sauna with chromotherapy, equipped with integrated LED lights of various colors, combinable in RGB mode.

Each color has its own wavelength and frequency, capable of influencing the limbic system, creating balance and harmony, which is why colors have been used since ancient times for the treatment of psychophysical well-being.


The sauna is considered a dry steam bath. Unlike the Hammam which is a wet steam bath, the sauna is characterized by strong and dry heat that evaporates the perspiration of the skin. The stay in the sauna is limited to 10-15 minutes. The use of the sauna is useful for reducing anxiety and daily stress, it is also used for the rapid recovery of muscle trauma and for increasing the immune system. Finally, the sauna detoxifies from impurities making the skin brighter. Precisely because the sauna is considered a dry and moisture-free environment, a stove is placed inside it with lava stones which, when heated, contribute to the emission of heat. These stones, when wet, give a feeling of unity in an environment that can reach up to 90 ° C. Apparently the sauna and the Turkish bath are similar but differ in a series of elements that lead to the choice of one product over the other. The main difference is in the material used for their construction: saunas are usually made of wood while the rooms for Turkish baths are made of stone or marble. In both cases it is easy to reach the seats positioned at different heights depending on the temperature you want to reach: generally in the sauna the temperature at the first level is 50 ° C, in the intermediate range 75 ° C, while the temperature of the session is higher it can even reach 85 ° C. On the contrary, in the Turkish bath the temperature difference is lower and goes from 20/25 ° C in the low areas to 40-45 ° C in the high areas.

In addition to saunas, to complete your wellness area you can also evaluate tubs and mini hydromassage pools. You can also find various models of Turkish baths and emotional showers, if you don't find what you were looking for contact us, we will send you our best solutions designed for your personal spa.