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If you need a bit of relax without going out, the whirlpool is the right solution for you to create your wellness zone! The whirlpool are real spa treatments, the ideal solution to create a spa center in you private home.  If you can't furnish your home with a bathtub because you have less space at your disposal, the whirlpools have similar features as a whirlpool and can be positioned in the garden, in the bathroom or in the living room. Among the most common you can evaluate the mini hydromassage pools that help reduce the level of stress by giving a feeling of pleasure and well-being to both the body and your mind.


A bath in the minipool can be a real cure-all for your health. The high temperature of the water, the hydromassage jets and the ergonomic shape of the mini-pool reduce body tension and help relax the body and improve blood circulation and sleep quality. In addition to the large whirlpools on Gaia Interni you can also find mini-pools with chromotherapy which, thanks to the LED lighting, emit colored lights capable of giving us energy and balance and improving our mood. Finally, the mini-pools can also be equipped with audio systems or an aromatherapy system which, thanks to the use of essential oils, increases the feeling of emotional and body well-being.


The choice of a design bathtub depends on various factors: first of all, you need to choose the model of bathtub you want to install in your wellness environment. In addition to models suitable for indoor use, there are also outdoor mini-pools that can be installed in a garden or on a terrace. In this case, we advise you to evaluate the climate of the area where you will place the bathub, also evaluating the purchase of the appropriate thermal covers. The installation of a mini terrace pool requires some more checks than the mini pool located in the garden. The garden bathtub, on the other hand, can be placed directly on the grass in the freestanding version or even recessed in the garden. It is also important to evaluate the space you have available: you can find small two-seat mini-pools to share moments of relaxation with your partner or large pools that can hold up to six people. The last factor to consider is the budget available: the hot tubs start from a basic price for the standard version and can become a costly expense by adding the options and accessories provided by the manufacturers.


There are two types of installation: freestanding spas or built-in spas. The mini-pools with the four panels (with freestanding installation) can be placed where there is an electrical network and plumbing. The built-in mini-pools, on the other hand, involve greater installation costs because they require an excavation and a corridor along the perimeter of the pool for the inspection of the pool. For built-in spas it is possible to install the lift.


The elegance of the hydromassage mini-pools is ensured by the special technology of the Ghost System which combines all the benefits of hydromassage and chromotherapy with a minimal design. The hydro massage system with Ghost System is a patent of the Gruppo Treesse company. Discover the products of this brand with the invisible hydromassage where the jets and hydromassage jets are hidden through a thin slot with colored light that guarantees an aesthetic linearity of the bathtub and an essential and modern design.

Thanks to the outdoor and indoor whirlpools, the spa you wanted for your home will be beautiful and functional.