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Multi-sensory showers

Emotional shower SENSUS Aquaform -20%

Emotional shower SENSUS Aquaform

€ 7350,00 € 5880,00 (VAT included)

Emotional shower from the SENSUS collection with 42x42 cm shower head with 3 types of jets: rain, misting AND waterfall. Chromotherapy with 4 RGBW LEDs. Kit with hand shower, thermostat and hand control included. EQUIPMENT: 420x420 mm recessed squareoverhead shower. 3 functions : 1 rain jet, 2 mist jets and 1 waterfall jet. Including 4 led spotlights with chromotherapy. Material: super mirror stainless steel plate, liquid silicone anti-scale membrane. Control unit to be installed in special technical compartment for managing 3 different scenarios. Possibility to set RGB+W water and light parameters in timed or on/off mode. Flush-mountedkeyboard in stainless steel flush wall finish with 3 buttons for activating different scenarios. Aromatherapy with liquid essence pumps. Thermostat for water temperature management. Handshower with integrated opening and closing. Finish: chrome. Emotional shower, the union of chromotherapy and aquatherapy. Born from the 'union of aquatherapy and chromotherapy, the Sensus collection promises a journey through the senses and emotions, aimed at creating moments of well-being. The contact of the skin with water, associated with the atmospheres of lights and colors of chromotherapy, benefits our interiority as well as our physical well-being.

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Shower system with turkish bath Hafro Rigenera 200 -35%

Shower system with turkish bath Hafro Rigenera 200

€ 10961,00 € 7124,65 (VAT included)

Shower system with turkish bath Rigenera 200, size 80x120 cm.  

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Multi-sensory showers with chromotherapy and aromatherapy

Sensory shower is  a shower type that essentially exploits three concepts: aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy to give the impression, to those inside, that they are embarking on a sensory journey that purifies body and mind.
The sensory shower system has numerous benefits which are proved also by the high demanded they receive in public spas which often add multisensory showers to their wellness programs, along with the sauna and Hammam.

Inside the multisensory showers you can find various hydromassage elements that are not usually found in normal shower enclosures. Each structural element that is installed in the shower serves a particular and precise therapy.
Multisensory showers with chromotherapy, for example, require the installation of multicolored LED lamps or spotlights useful for creating light effects and plays of color. Within these shower environments we can find different shower heads or multi-jet shower heads to obtain a satisfactory hydrotherapy treatment. As far as aromatherapy is concerned, the situation is slightly different: only some types of showers are equipped with this particular option. The sensory showers with aromatherapy are instead equipped with a special diffuser module that is installed inside the shower, usually between the mixer and the hand shower kit. For this type of shower it is necessary to buy aroma capsules according to your tastes.


Installing a multisensory shower is simple and does not require a great deal of preparation to be able to install it inside your bathroom. As with normal showers, the main shower head is usually installed on the ceiling or false ceiling. In addition to the shower head, it is important to provide, inside the shower, an electrical predisposition to house the push-button panel with the various chromotherapy controls. In the emotional showers it is possible to install one or more vertical shower heads to increase the hydromassage jets and the water games inside the shower.

Usually the design of a sensory shower is clean and modern, the lines of the taps that make up the shower can adapt to any type of bathroom furniture or wellness environment. The shower head plays a very important role in emotional showers. The main function of the shower head is to distribute the water jet evenly over the person's body. It is also possible to vary the type of jet according to your tastes: the jet can for example be a rain jet, therefore delicate and distributed, or a waterfall jet, more energetic and direct, or a mist jet with the addition of air particles. To complete your emotional shower in style, you can evaluate the thermostatic taps that allow you to adjust the water temperature for the duration of the shower. Thanks to the two knobs it is possible to adjust both the flow of the jet and its temperature. The thermostatic mixer offers various advantages: greater comfort in the shower, greater safety from possible burns and less water consumption.


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